Hello! My name is Carolina Concepcion Billini, I am a Visual Artist, Graphic Designer and Front-end Developer, with an specialization in UX/UI Design. I have 3 years of experience working with emerging and established brands.

I provide high quality services and solutions, fulfilling my clients expectations and delivery time. Also, I use agile methodologies during the development process of the project.

I have experience working with other designers and developers, I like to think outside the box and I truly enjoy working in a team.

UX/UI Designer and Front-end Developer


I implements web designs through programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, js frameworks to build complex user interfaces, for the responsive design I mostly used Bootstrap.

front-end skills


I am creative, I love to sketch and do brainstorming. Also, I have great communication skills, I am able to listen, process feedbacks, explain ideas and concepts to clients successfully.

graphic design skills


As a Front-end developer I have basic knowledge of back-end development lenguages, data visualization, data storage, hosting, APIs, SEO, Testing, Performance, tasking, deployment and so on.

backend development skills


As a Visual Artist and Designer, for me is really important the creative aspect of the projects, I deeply care about the impact and the significance of great design.

creative skills